Who says I can’t?  Why couldn’t I?  Why shouldn’t I embrace it – all of it?  What’s stopping me, aside from me?

I feel as if I’m on some power trip.  I feel a bit cocky.  I feel a bit audacious and bold.  Truth be told, I feel amazing.  A few short hours ago, I felt as if I was undeserving of so many things.  I felt as if those things were too far out of reach.  I felt as if I could never have anything I truly wanted.  Those feelings are completely foreign to me now.

Between my Minister’s talk Sunday, the encouragement of my friend, the encouragement I’ve received from others and a fun little competition I’ve managed to find myself a part of, I feel it all comes so easily to me.

I don’t have to try, I don’t have to figure it out, I just let it be.

This is where I push back the notions that I was ever far too optimistic in my thinking and reclaim the power that is within me.  I’ve mentioned on a few occasions that somewhere along the line I felt that what I’ve ever wanted wasn’t practical enough to raise children.  I’m beating a dead horse, I’ve brought all of this up time and again.  But this time, I’m letting it all go.

I mentioned to my friend, Nancy, on a couple of occasions recently, that I’m letting go of the attachment to anything that doesn’t serve me.  I’m letting go of the things that hold me back, the people that I let hold me down, the circumstances that I’ve refused to pull out of.  In her post yesterday (on OpeningToThePossibility.com) she dared me to comment with what I would do if I knew I couldn’t fail.  In that, I finally – finally – realized that I can’t fail.  Her website tagline says it all, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”  My only qualm is why it ever takes me so long to finally come to these conclusions after having doubting it all for so long.

I’m the only one that says it can’t happen and right now that stops.

It’s only myself that gets in the way.  It’s only my thoughts that build the wall to any possibility that exists.  It’s only my lack of confidence that keeps me stuck.

I move forward knowing I can’t fail, knowing that I don’t have to push it, it’s here and I embrace it.  I move forward by setting my intention and doing the things I love.  I follow my passion.  I follow the path that is right here in front of me, knowing I can’t falter.

 And with this, I bid it all farewell.

I let go of the doubt.  I let go of the insecurity.  I let go of the need to figure it out and let it come to me.  I set my intention and let it be.  I’m open to the possibility and embrace it.  I can’t fail, because as my friend likes to say, “The game is rigged, you can’t screw it up.”