It’s days such as these that I feel heaven is at my fingertips waiting for me to mold it into the perfection that is my life. It’s days such as these that I find peace, stillness of mind, calm and love.

Today I cannot be shaken. Today I cannot not falter. Today I cannot stray from the realization of who I am. Today I recognize I am One with God and find my gratitude in knowing it is never otherwise. 

In this moment I know the Truth of everyone around me, in spite of their grievances, in spite of their fear, in spite of their attack, even against me. I recognize their judgment as a longing for love and I offer it back into all the sacred spaces between us generously and willingly.

I offer myself and my knowingness that we are all perfect divine expressions, to facilitate the holy instant between each and every one if us. I remember that God is everywhere and in every situation.  I remember that the Little Spark is in each of us and is never extinguished,  that it cannot diminish. I shine my Light forth so all others can find their way out of the darkness and into their own perfect Light within.

Right now, in this moment, I allow the love that is the All Good within me to spill over and flow from me into the places that others only perceive it is lacking, for I know there is never lack in God; there is never lack in God’s perfect love, which is me.

I allow myself to be a beacon upon the rigid waters of doubt and fear for others to find their way home to the serene seas of peace that is within themselves, for there they will find heaven.  I allow myself to be expressed by God to remind others how perfect every situation is and that we are all perfect within each of those situations.

I am the love of God, I am the peace of God. I go forth, fervently, blessing all others with the Truth of who they are, for we are all a part of heaven – we are heaven ourselves. In heaven we are peace, in heaven we are love,  in heaven we are perfect.

I find humble joy that allows me to carry on knowing it is all good and can never be otherwise, for God is All and God is good. Amen.