“Here is a new spiritual practice for you:  don’t take your thoughts so seriously.”

 Eckhart Tolle

This should go without saying.  This is common sense.  Yet, despite it’s simplicity, I seem to get continually and repeatedly caught up in my thoughts.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve written, solely for this reason.

I’ve let the depression sneak in, I’ve let the anxiety reign.  I’ve let my thoughts completely consume me.  Over coffee the other night, my friend was telling me how she’s known I’m not in a good space lately.  It seems as if she’s been able to recognize those downward spiral patterns sooner than I.  But, I’m starting to see the patterns now.

I see now how I start slipping.  I’m starting to see the tell-tale signs of the slippery slope that I, all too often, allow myself to fall down.  I don’t want that anymore.

Now.  It stops now.  I’m letting go of the inner critic.  I’m letting go of trying to define myself as someone that can’t find joy or inner peace or tranquility.  I’m letting go of the notion that I have to take myself or my thoughts so damned seriously.

Of course, right now, I’m on the upswing of it all.  Right now I’m not knee-deep in the “wallowing despair” that I often find myself in.  Right now it’s easy for me to say that it’s over, that it stops.

But I’m going with it.

And I’m sticking with it.  I affirm now that I recognize the patterns and queues before it’s too late.  I affirm now that I remember to love myself.  I affirm now that I remember that thoughts create my reality and I have that power to change my thinking and my life.  I affirm now that I seek my inner adviser and follow guidance from within – not from my fleeting thoughts.  I claim joy and peace.  I claim power over myself.  I claim happiness in life.  I claim my whole, true, happy self.