This year, even though we’re only on the seventh day, has not yet ceased to excite me.  I almost messed up, but I caught myself the other day – I wanted to talk about setting intentions.  But, then I realized that all last year I set intentions.  All last year I hoped and dreamed and cried and whined about what I want for myself, what I want out of life.  What I wanted to do for a living, the kind of life I wanted to lead.  All last year I set intentions for who I wanted to be.

That’s all good and well, but that’s not going to cut it anymore.

This is where faith comes in.  This is where knowing it’s perfect comes in.  This is where I leap into action and actually claim it.  I can’t continue to hide behind some woe-is-me-I-don’t-have-the-life-I-want fear bullcrap.  If I never take steps to actually claim what it is I want, it will never happen.

Steps, I’ve taken steps.  Action, I’ve taken action.  Focus, I’ve done nothing other than focus.  And the best part?  I can feel it; I can see it.  I know it’s coming.

This is called claiming it.

I’m given signs daily by the Universe that I need to persist.  Conversations present themselves, I’m given reminders at random times in the form of comments from others.  I’m picking up visual queues as little “God-winks”.

I am stepping into that which I want.  The trade that I love that I will call my job and career; the types of days and nights that will take over my life that will allow me to go to bed fulfilled each night.

It’s here.  I will continue setting intentions, but beyond that I will claim it.  It’s all right here for the taking.  After all, we create our own reality, right?  I’m creating mine and letting nothing stop me.  I’m claiming it.