Yesterday, on New Year’s Eve, I celebrated my 6th year cancer free.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lyphoma in April 2008. At the time, I was given a prognosis of about 2 months to live should treatment not work.  Though, just before my diagnosis was confirmed, I was told by my oncologist, “The bad news is that I think it’s Hodgkin’s.  The good news:  I think it’s Hodgkin’s.”

I’m sure you can imagine my confusion, though he was very good at making it clear for me:  Hodgkin’s is not a type of cancer that goes into remission, it’s actually cured.  With rigorous treatment, a no-fail attitude, positive affirmations and the will to survive, I did just that.  I was cured and I’ve survived.

I was told, initially, that I had a 76-78% chance at a 5 year survival rate and once I accomplished that I’d have no worries.

Much of my being antsy stems from being a survivor.  When faced with the threat of your life coming to an end, your desires, dreams and goals are all that matter.  There is a sudden regret and resentment for all the things you’ve not yet had the chance to accomplish and each day that passes that I’ve not yet accomplished them I become more and more resentful.

If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that the time is now; for anything, for everything.  Don’t wait for later to go after what you want.  Don’t wait until later to follow your dreams; and if you think it’s already too late, think again.  Don’t, for one second, face the end of your life and allow room for regret to move in and remind you of the things you never did that you think you should have.

Life is sacred, life is beautiful and I’m so grateful for this second chance at life! And to have been able to celebrate all of this on the eve of a New Year full of new opportunity, transformation and the promise of a life being precisely who I’m intended to be, is an amazing feeling!